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May 31, 2023Fishing Reports

Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Blue Marlin Trip Report

May 18 to 23, 2023– The crew of the Patricia along with lady angler Heather Dorminy set out for a multi island trip to fish for blue marlin.  On May 18 Heather wanted to scratch striped marlin off her list so Captain Yuri Gutierrez took her to Española Bank and raised 15 striped marlin by mid day.  Had 10 bites and released 3 on seas that were quite rough.  After getting pictures with very nice striped marlin 210#, 190# and 150# estimated weights the hunt for blue marlin was on off the bank.

A nice blue marlin about 500# bit but seemed to be bill wrapped and after a jump spit the hook.  May 19 they tried Punta Pitt fishing North end of San Cristobal Island which is known to produce blue marlin and occasionally a big black marlin.   One blue estimated around 300# came to inspect and take a swipe at a lure but did not come back.  May 20 was fishing near Floreana Island where the biggest bigeye tuna reported by rod and reel was caught by one of our past boats the Big Fish weighing in 357# years back.  Monster blue marlin have been caught and lost near Floreana but none were to visit the spread visibly on this day except for a nice mahi mahi that would make for ceviche.

May 21 was fishing to Isabela Island where birds, tuna and bait were found 20 to 30 miles West of port.  A nice yellowfin was caught but no marlin raised.  May 22 lines were in the water 7 miles from port for about 15 minutes when a nice 800 pound plus blue marlin came to bite the portside bridge teaser 3 times.  Eventually it ate the portside short.  Lady angler Heather got in the chair and had just strapped in when fish jumped and spit hook.  Last day fishing Isabela Island May 23 the crew saw a striped marlin swimming on the surface but no bites other than a couple of tuna.

The fishing for blue marlin in the Galapagos can at times be hit or miss.  However, for those willing to put in the time some years will experience multiple giant marlin in a few days and others you have to work harder.  Heather did not catch her blue even-though she had a shot at a very nice one.  She went on to do some of the amazing tours on Isabela Island such as hike down to the sulfur mines inside the volcano crater and then snorkel with penguins and sea horses.

Striped Marlin San Cristobal

May 17 to 24, 2023– With several boats off an on in the span of 8 days over 260 marlin were reported raised between 3 boats fishing Española bank.  Some boats were having 30 to over 40 raises per day on some days.  Most of the striped marlin were averaging 120 to 220#.  Fish were seen feeding on the surface and 62 releases were reported by 3 boats due to rougher than normal sea conditions on most of these days.

May 29, 2023– Patricia fishing with James Lankin, Matt Nothdurft, Tristan Zeibis and Daniela Calvachi headed to the banks of Española.  Seas were reasonable on the way out and in.  Fishing was considerably slow compared to the previous week.  Bait was staying deep and only 3 marlin were raised with 2 bites and one release by Matt Nothdurft of a nice 170# striped marlin. 

More fishing reports to come from the Galapagos Islands’ year round outfitter.  Our 20% summer discount special continues until August 31, 2023.  Don’t wait as 2024 and 2025 dates are booking up.

galapagos marlin fishing 20230531 02

May 30, 2023– Patricia fishing with James Lankin, Matt Nothdurft, Tristan Zeibis and Daniela Calvachi headed to the banks of Española.  The bank was void of life and no bites so after a few hours Captain Yuri decided to make the crossing to the famous Rosa Blanca Banks.  Immediately as lines went in the water the fish came to the teasers.  The crew managed to raise 9 striped marlin in about 2 hours had 6 bites and released 3 and lost a mahi mahi near the boat.  All the anglers were happy and in two days of relatively slow fishing by Galapagos standard everyone had released stripe marlin.

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