Water warming up and striped marlin continue to dominate the scene!

Feb 6, 2022Fishing Reports

Fishing continues to be quite solid in the Galapagos with most days still sporting double digit raises of striped marlin on 0-30 and Española Banks. Water has also finally warmed up late due to La Niña effect and some blue and black marlin being raised have been reported in the last week.

Thanks to our friend Peter Santini and Captain Jonathan Valiente for the latest fishing reports. Water temperature has warmed to 76 F in most areas and the blue and black marlin have begun to show themselves as well on Española Bank.

Vertigo 2– fishing with Peter Santini’s groups February 3, 2022 headed to the flotsam buoy North of Punta Pitt out of San Cristobal Island and caught 15 nice mahi mahi on spinning rods. On February 4, they raised 13 striped marlin and saw a blue marlin jump on Española Bank.

They released 4 striped marlin and saw fish tailing and chasing bait. The following day on February 5, they returned to Española with windy and choppy seas to raise 18 striped marlin, 1 black marlin and released 2 striped marlin. Fish were very finicky and feeding over sardine bait balls. Water was 76 to 77 F in the area.

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