The World’s Best Marlin Bite Continues In February

Feb 5, 2020Fishing Reports

Ecuagringo Galapagos Islands Marlin & Tuna Report

Fellow Anglers,

If you are tired of fishing places where the bite is less than what you hoped for, then the Galapagos Islands should be your next destination. February has started and the phenomenal double digit striped marlin bite continues. The numbers of striped marlin continue to be outstanding.

No other place in the world has been 4 years running offering such consistent marlin fishing as San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Islands. The various banks and seamounts around the island provide anglers options to fish many different areas. The abundance of marine life are a show in itself.

When you fish in the Galapagos Islands you get much more than great fishing. You make memories that last you a lifetime! Thanks to our good friend Peter Santini from the only other fishing outfitter we would recommend. Santini provided us with his report from Vertigo 2.

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 20200205 03

San Cristobal Island

February 2, 2020– Vertigo 2 fishing with our good friend Peter Santini had an excellent day of fishing on Española Bank. They went 8 releases from 24 bites and 29 striped marlin raised.

February 3, 2020– Vertigo 2 fished on Española Bank for less than 3 hours and 12 raises, 10 bites and 4 striped marlin releases and lost a blue estimated around 450#. They next went bottom fishing and caught several grouper.

February 4, 2020– Vertigo 2 and Peter Santini fished 0-30 Bank and reported an incredible day with 50 striped marlin raised, 45 bites and 13 striped marlin plus 1 blue marlin released.

ecuagringo marlin fishing report 20200205 04

Folks if you are not planning your next fishing trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands then you might as well be like a fish out of water. Besides the incredible marlin bite out of San Cristobal Island you can also enjoy bottom fishing, wahoo, tuna and more.

This is one of the safest and family oriented destinations on the planet where you can relax, tour, swim with sea lions, sharks, sea turtles, penguins and reef fish. If catching lots of striped marlin is not for you and you rather target the giant blue marlin for the ultimate in big game fishing experience then an Isabela Island trip is for you. Call us today 754-7031991 to let us build you a custom package of a lifetime.

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