The Striped Marlin Bite Is Hot In December

Dec 29, 2020Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

Lots of striped marlin on 0-30 Bank to welcome back repeat anglers from Minnesota Randy and Maddie Sook. The Sooks enjoyed their first day back in San Cristobal Island along with Olivia Sook and Bryce Paulsen.

December 28, 2020 was a good start onboard the Mantaraya. Captain Jonathan Valiente managed to raise 20 striped marlin, get 17 bites and get 3 official boat side releases and lose 4 more fish close to the boat. Fish were very finicky and full of sardines. 4 more days of fishing await the group and we will continue to have reports and pictures as we receive them.

fishing report 20201229 02

fishing report 20201229 03

2021 Is The Year To Catch Your Striped Marlin Or Giant Blue Marlin

We still have a few open prime dates in February and March if you are looking to target large striped marlin. There is one set of days open in April to fish for giant blue marlin out of Isabela Island. Call us today 754-703-1991 for more into or to book your complete package.

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