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Mar 4, 2023Fishing Reports

San Cristobal Island Striped Marlin Bite Very Good Today March 3, 2023!

Thanks to Peter Santini and Fernando Mata for reports from Vertigo 1 and Vertigo 2 who fished the blue waters on the Española Banks for hot striped marlin action.  The fish were aggressive and boats saw good play from striped marlin.  Seas were calm, water was blue and lots of bait on the banks.

Vertigo 2 with Ricardo Sola and Fernando Mata raised 40 had 30 bites and released 12 striped marlin.  There was plenty of life on the banks with dolphins, sharks, birds, mahi and striped marlin.  Vertigo 2 with Peter Santini onboard had 29 raises, 27 bites and 7 releases of striped marlin along with a few mahi.

We still have a boat available to fish San Cristobal Island last minute:

March:  9 to 12 and 21 to 24 (1 boat)
April: 1 to 6 (2 boats)

If you are looking at great months down the line May and June are usually very good!

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Isabela Giant Blue Marlin Season Has Started

There have been great expectations to 2023 being a stellar season for giant blue marlin.  So far we are 5 days into fishing and well the fishing is not what we are used to.  Here at Ecuagringo we tell you the good , the bad and the ugly. Mike Walsh from Florida fished for 4 out of 5 days near the island of Isabela.  Some days going over 45 miles Southwest and the last day heading over 90 miles North trying to find blue water.  Unfortunately, anywhere they went the water was green.

On the second day of fishing they did have a blue about 600# that spit the hook 10 minutes into the fight.  Day 3 they ran to Bank 90 which is 67 miles from port and found blue water there.  The bank was loaded with large striped marlin and they released 14 out of 25 bites and raised 35.  Most days they caught a few mahi.  The last day of fishing was March 2 and they headed 90 miles toward the Northern part of Isabela Island trying desperately to find blue water with no luck.

In the Galapagos green water is not a rarity but being 600 miles off the West coast of South America most of the time you will find blue water.  The upwellings bring nutrient rich green water a times but make it much harder for billfish to see lures and baits.  Nevertheless, there is plenty of fishing ahead of us so more reports still to come.

We have a boat available to fish Isabela Island’s giant blue marlin fishery March 22 to 31, 2023.

Folks if you want shots at big striped marlin or some of the biggest blue marlin to swim the Pacific then the Galapagos Islands are for you.

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