Strong Blue Marlin Bite Out Of Manta/Ecuador

Nov 19, 2018Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

The past couple of months have been very good fishing out of Manta/Ecuador with a very solid blue marlin bite. Lots of blue and striped marlin are feeding in the coastal water off of Ecuador and especially off the coast of Manta. The water is warming up in the Galapagos Islands and with it will come the blue marlin, black marlin and tuna.

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Nov 17, 2018– Isabela went 1/3 on blue marlin and 1/3 on striped marlin. Solo Mia went 2/4 on blue marlin and 2/3 on striped marlin.
Golfito 0/3 on blue marlin. Telita 2/4 on blue marlin and 1/1 on wahoo.

Nov 18, 2018– Titagao went 0/3 on blue marlin 1/1 on sailfish and 0/1 on striped marlin

Galapagos Islands

Captain Nicolass Schiess has been hammering the striped marlin onboard Tesoro Galapagos out of Santa Cruz Island and raising double digit striped marlin on some days. Seas have been a bit rough lately but we are at that transition time of the year and calm water should be only a few weeks away. Water temperature is averaging 77 F and with that we begin to welcome the blue and black marlin which should be showing up in force. Most boats are having their yearly maintenance done and crews are preparing tackle.

Ecuagringo Welcomes Captain Michael T Crosier!

Captain Michael Crosier will be newest addition to the Ecuagringo Team. Crosier fished the Galapagos in the early days and provide vital support in training crews. He will be in charge of tackle, mate training and video in order to guarantee the best crews, tackle and service that you would expect from Ecuagringo in the Galapagos. The best part is he knows the waters! Ecuagringo is the only company to incorporate professionals for the past 18 years to help improve and update fishing strategies, tackle and service.

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