Still the fastest double digit marlin bite happening now in the Galapagos Islands. Manta, Ecuador with a good blue marlin bite!

Jun 4, 2018Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

The incredible fast action of plenty striped marlin with blue and black marlin in the mix continue in the water of the Galapagos Islands. Conditions in the Galapagos continue with water 74/76 F and lots of bait. Manta, Ecuador also had a good weekend with blue and striped marlin action.

Galapagos Islands

Santa Cruz Island:

June 2, 2018– Tesoro Galapagos, captained by Nicolas Schiess had a fantastic action day raising 50 striped marlin, having 25 bites and 4 releases. Captain Schiess was fishing with a father and son team that had no previous experience with marlin and lost many other fish that might have been caught.

Captain Schiess runs a 30 ft sportfisher and operates out of Santa Cruz Island. If you wish to stay in Santa Cruz Island please contact us to help you set up a charter with the Tesoro Galapagos team.

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June 2, 2018– Several boats from the Manta Yacht Club fish 17 to 35 miles West of Manta. Chasin Tail went 0-2 on blue marlin and 0-3 on striped marlin. Solo Mia 0-3 on blue marlin. Chola 0-1 on blue marlin and 0-1 on striped marlin.

fishing reports 20180604 marlin tuna wahoo swordfish ecuador galapagos manta 04

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