Spectacular striped marlin bite mixed with some blue marlin

Sep 29, 2017Fishing Reports

Ecuador & Galapagos Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report

September 18-28, 2017

Fellow Anglers:

Part of our staff was on vacation last week and part of this week so we have been a bit slow programing and arranging our fishing reports but better late than never! Fishing has been consistent in Manta and now Salinas is having a spectacular striped marlin bite mixed with some blue marlin. We have a jammed packed month of fishing coming up in October so stay tuned for more reports.



Sept 18-20, 2017– The panga fishing fleet from San Mateo reported raising 1 to 3 blue marlin a day and 2 to 6 striped marlin raises average per day fishing 25 miles West of Manta.

Sept 21, 2017– Miura with captain Andres Calero raised 5 striped marlin, had 2 bites and released 1.

Sept 22, 2017– Chilean anglers Eduardo Torres and Miguel Canon fished from a 24 center console Southwest of Manta and went 2/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 on striped marlin.

Sept 23, 2017– Anglers Torres and Canon fished the same area as previous day and went 1/5 on striped marlin and reported seeing 7 tailing stripes. Panga Henry reported 1/2 on blue marlin and 2/3 on striped marlin.

September 24, 2017– Torres and Canon went for a day of wahoo fishing and caught 5 wahoo 25 to 55# fishing close to the cobia cages.

Sept 26, 2017– Miura captain by Andres Calero went fishing with Lucas Robles, Juan Escudero, Rafael Gomez and Carlos Valdez and had a fun day jigging for broom tail grouper catching several nice sized fish. Panga Henry went 5/8 on striped marlin.

Sept 27, 2017– Panga Mazinger reported going 3/6 on striped marlin. Panga Don Tiofilo went 2/3 on blue marlin and 2/4 on striped marlin. Panga Mi Pana went 3/7 on striped marlin and 0/1 on blue marlin.


Sept 28, 2017– Luciana raised 10 striped marlin and 3 blue marlin. They 1/8 on striped marlin bites and 1/3 on blue marlin bites. A small boat with a local crew of mates from the Salinas Yacht Club had a similar day but much better catch ratio and went 8/12 on striped marlin and 1/2 on blue marlin!

Our next report will feature fishing with Mr. Squid Nation/Bill Pino himself who is fishing with Captain Andres Calero out of Manta-Ecuador for the next several days. Folks we can’t stress how consistent the fishing for marlin continues to be in Ecuador. Galapagos 2018 season is going fast so don’t wait. We have excellent eco-tours, kayaking, horse back rides and more along with the best fishing in South America.

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