San Cristobal, Galapagos Continues With Hot Striped Marlin Bite. Isabela Island Producing Big Fish!

Mar 28, 2019Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

San Cristobal Island had had a phenomenal striped marlin bite last year and this year. Most days have been showing double digit raises of striped marlin. The past week a few blue marlin were raised. On Isabela the Ecuagringo team continues looking for giant blue marlin and raised and broke off a fish estimated over 900# on March 26 with Angler Robert Bergman on the rod.

Galapagos Islands:

San Cristobal Island

March 24, 2019– Mike Crossier onboard Manta Raya reported raising 9 striped marling, having 5 bites and releasing 2 on Española Bank. Fish were there just not very aggressive.

March 26, 2019– Peter Santini onboard Vertigo raised 30 striped marlin and 2 blue marlin and released 7 striped marlin out of 20 bites. Fish were more active and there was quite a bit of life on the bank.

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Isabela Island

March 26, 2019– Robert Berg, Willey Berg and Robert Bornholtz fished fished onboard On The Hook lost a 900# plus blue marlin that almost spooled the reel on 80# and jumped on the line. We had a striped marlin come in and take a swipe as well.

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