Rosa Blanca Bank, San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands continues to deliver!

Jan 25, 2019Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,
The season in the Galapagos Islands has started and the marlin are showing in decent numbers on Rosa Blanca Bank. Sardines, gannets, porpoises and lots of sardines are shaping up for a potential another great year in the Galapagos.

fishing report 20190125 02

January 22, 2019– Angler Wayne VanWey added a last minute extra day to fish Rosa Blanca Bank out of San Cristobal Island. He experienced some incredible striped marlin action the previous days of fishing and changed his original plans to visit Isabela Island to fish. Manta Raya with Captain Gus Hernandez fished and raised 5 striped marlin, had 3 bites and released 2. There was bait and life on the bank but fish just did not seem hungry.

January 24, 2019– Father and son group of Mike and Jim Ball fished onboard Manta Raya the Rosa Blanca Banks. Fishing with Captain Mike Crosier they raised 13 striped marlin had 11 bites and released 4.

January 25, 2019– Mike and Jim Ball returned to Rosa Blanca onboard Manta Raya. They lost a nice black marlin about 400# on the jumps. They raised 4 striped marlin and released 2. Bank was full of life and bait but fish were finicky to get to eat. Bite was later in the day.

fishing report 20190125 03

fishing report 20190125 04

More fishing reports to follow!

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