Rosa Blanca Bank On Fire With Striped Marlin!

Feb 9, 2022Fishing Reports

Thanks to our friend Peter Santini who is currently fishing on Vertigo 2 out of San Cristobal Island we have excellent reports of activity on Rosa Blanca’s main bank. Santini had been experiencing a decent amount of striped marlin on Española Bank South of San Cristobal Island. When the bite started to slow down he moved further North to fish the iconic Rosa Blanca Banks that made the Galapagos famous. He found lots of fish in the last few days.

February 7, 2022– Peter Santini fishing on Vertigo 2 with his guest fish until mid day on Española Bank with not much happening. They ran North to Rosa Blanca’s first seamount and spent the afternoon raising 43 striped marlin had 29 bites and released 8 fish on lures.

February 8, 2022– Santini returned to Rosa Blanca’s main bank and found it loaded with striped marlin again. Vertigo 2 raised 50 striped marlin had 35 bites and released 7 on lures. The fish were very finicky feeders.

Reports from 0-30 Bank have confirmed the action slowing down to less than 10 striped marlin raised per day in the past week.

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