Plenty of striped marlin but many fish with no aggression

Feb 24, 2022Fishing Reports

The last week of fishing out of San Cristobal Island has seem a bit of frustration across the board for anglers and crews. There are plenty of striped marlin around Rosa Blanca Bank along with bait. Fish have been very finicky and many days lacked much or any aggression. The low aggression has made fishing very challenging the last week even-though the body of fish on the banks seems to be a good number.

Feb 17, 2022– Patricia Captained by Yury Gutierrez fished with Robert Browning, Wes Parish and Jonathan Moore and went to 0-30 Bank. They raised 1 striped marlin and had 1 bite. There was not much life on the bank. Other boats that fished Rosa Blanca Bank reported 12 to 15 raises of striped marlin.

Feb 18, 2022– Patricia went to Rosa Blanca with Robert Browning’s group. They has 7 bites and released 2 striped marlin out of 12 fish raised. Vertigo 2 reported raising 13 and releasing 3 striped marlin out of 9 bites. Other boats reported similar activity with 10 to 15 fish raised. The common thread was lack of aggression on many of the striped marlin.

Feb 19, 2022– Patricia reach Rosa Blanca and had to return due to problems with a fuel pump that could not be solved at sea. Vertigo 2 reported raising 18 striped marlin and releasing 4 on the bank.

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Feb 20, 2022– Patricia headed for fished Española Bank raised 6 and had 1 bite of striped marlin. The crew could tell there were fish there but just not aggressive.

Feb 21, 2022– Patricia head for last day with Browning group to Rosa Blanca. Again fish lacked aggression and they released 1 striped marlin out of 6 bites and 8 fish raised.

Feb 23, 2022– Patricia headed with Michael Jane’s group to 0-30 and fished half a day before going in for snorkeling with family and raised 8 had 5 bites and released a double of striped marlin. It was a day of fun for Michael’s entire family.

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