Over 1400 marlin raised by two boats in February 2019!

Mar 2, 2019Fishing Reports

February 2019 has been one of the best months on record for marlin since 2011 out of the Galapagos Islands. The sardines have returned and we are once again witnessing gannets diving, marlin feeding on the surface , dolphins balling up bait, sea lions chasing bait and incredible displays of nature.

Take into account that boats did not always fish full-time for marlin and actually spent several days fishing for tuna, wahoo and other species. In 27 days of fishing between Vertigo, Manta Raya and a couple of days by the On The Hook, the fleet managed to raise an impressive 1423 striped marlin and 13 blue marlin.

Captains Santini, Crosier, Hernandez and Schiess all showed guest what the best marlin fishing in South America is about. Galapagos regular guest Seth Hartwick and his group had slower than usual luck with top water tuna but had a hell of time fishing for striped marlin top water and casting plugs to them.

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Feb 28, 2019– Vertigo with Peter B Santini raised 20 striped marlin, had 15 bites and 4 releases. Tesoro Galapagos captained by Nicolass Schiess raised 25, had 16 striped marlin bites and a 1 blue marlin and released 9 striped marlin and 1 blue marlin.

Feb 27, 2019– Vertigo with Peter B Santini raised 60 striped marlin, had 42 bites and 12 releases. On the Hook raised 23 striped marlin to the teasers and released 7 out of 15 bites catching them on top water spinning plugs and light tackle with Seth Hartwick group.

Feb 26, 2019– Vertigo with Peter B Santini raised 65 striped marlin, had 46 bites and 15 releases and lost a blue marlin around 400#. Manta Raya with Seth Hartwick group decided to give top water marlin fishing a try with spinning rods and light tackle. It took the group a day of getting used to the marlin bite as these guys are generally incredible tuna fishermen. They raised 25 striped marlin had 19 bites and were able to release 3 fish while they work on how to hook them and combine their light tackle.

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Folks this is the best marlin bite on the planet happening now and you are missing out. If you are looking for that bucket list or the ultimate fishing destination of a lifetime then the Galapagos islands are it! Want a place that is safe for the whole family, offers marlin, tuna, wahoo, grouper, jacks and more species than practically anywhere else in South America? Then you need to book today.

Prime season generally runs December to May. March 2019 is sold out, April 2019 is almost to capacity. December 2019 is already heavily booked and Feb 2020 is almost sold out. It is never too early to book or start planning your next trip. If you are tired of Central America or don’t want to travel far then the Galapagos Islands are a must.

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