Nothing Short Of Spectacular Marlin Fishing

Mar 22, 2021Fishing Reports

2021 has been a sensational year when it comes to fishing for striped marlin in the Galapagos Islands. There have been more marlin showing up than in the previous 15 years. Considering the last 5 years have been some of the best, this year is just incredible. If you are looking to fish the best marlin bite happening now on the planet then you better email or call 754-703-1991.

Gerald Rich and friends for a total of 5 anglers just fished 3 days for marlin and 1 day of everything else for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. They fished for marlin March 17, 18 and 21. On the 20th they when after tuna and other small gamefish.

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fishing report 20200322 03

March 17, 2021– Captain Yuri Gutierrez on helm of Patricia a custom 36 ft sport fisher created to Ecuagringo fishing specs headed for 0-30 bank. They raised 27 striped marlin had 10 bites and released 6 fish. Most anglers in the group had no previous experience with striped marlin so you can imagine the awesome day they had.

March 18, 2021– Patricia and crew with Gerald Rich’s group head to Rosa Blanca to explore the seamounts. Rosa Blanca has been pretty much dead for the last few years so the marlin showing again were a warm welcome. They raised 14 striped marlin, had 10 bites and released 1 fish. Yes they were harder to stick today!

March 20, 2021– Patricia went to McGowen Reef where they caught yellowfin tuna, tilefish, snappers a wahoo and more for a full ice chest of smaller fish.

March 21, 2021– Patricia fished 0-30 Bank again and raised 35 striped marlin had 21 bites and released 15. What an awesome way to end the trip for Gerald Rich’s group.

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