Mid November Fishing Report

Nov 16, 2016Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:

It was wonderful seeing many of you at our booth in the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. We were able to talk fishing, adventure and much more for 5 days! There were many questions and inquiries about all our destinations. Now it is time to get back to informing everyone on the recent action in all our destinations.


San Cristobal/Galapagos Islands

Fishing remains good for all species. While water conditions have been far from ideal the last few weeks have provided lost of wahoo, tuna and some marlin action for those looking for them. Waters have averaged 73/74 F most days with seas averaging 3 to 5 feet and wind 8 to 10 knots which is not bad at all!

Nov 8, 2016 – Jhonamar 2 fished with guest from UK for tuna on bank 0-30 and were not disappointed with 8 big eye tuna caught averaging 35 to 55#. They raised 3 striped marlin and released 1 but were not interested in marlin fishing.

Nov 9, 2016 – Jhonamar 2 fished with same UK group for grouper in waters less than 150 feet catching several nice groupers 10 to 20# that made for a great dinner and two alma jacks over 40# and 1 nice big eye that weighed out 78# on a jig.

Nov 11, 2016 – Jhonamar 2 local angler and company friend “Fat Daniel” wanted to fish for striped marlin on spinning rods with poppers. This is a popular method in the Galapagos of teasing marlin to the back of the boat just as you would fly fishing and casting a popper with the boat out of gear. They made the 68 mile run to 88 Bank and it paid off well. The captain reported raising 38 striped marlin. They presented the popper to 17 stripeys getting 11 bites and releasing 5. Fat Daniel was a very tired angler. Sardines were stacked on the bank and there was plenty of action from birds, tuna, marlin, sea lions, sharks as well as dolphins.

Nov 12, 2016 – Jhonamar 2 fished with “Fat Daniel” the northern drop of Punta Pitt looking for a large blue or black marlin. Conditions were not great and water was 74 F. They managed to raise a black marlin after 2:30 pm estimated around 850# that broke off after 3 hours of leading the boat closer to the island, sounding and cutting the line possibly in a reef as they got under 300 feet of water.



The fishing near Manta has underperformed for what we are used to in November. Most days for the last two weeks boats have been experiencing 1 to 4 raises of striped marlin per day with very little blue marlin action. The water has been green inside 20 miles and unusually cold at under 73/74 F most days. Some decent fishing was reported 40 miles Southeast of Manta with activity from blue marlin and stripes Nov 9-12, 2017. Miura fished November 11 out 25 miles and lost a striped marlin.


Salinas is having a great year! We have seen almost 5 solid months of continues great fishing and water conditions have not seemed to matter! Cold water, green water, currents pushing North and still the fishing has been quite god. Nov 11, 2017 several boats averaged 7 to 10 raises of striped marlin. Saturday Nov 12, 5 boats from the Salinas Yatch club experienced 3 to 10 raises of striped marlin and even a swordfish was spotted. Nov 13, 2017 Don Chuma raised 3 striped marlin and went 1/3 on releases and saw several more trailers. One boat reported a black over 500# that broke the leader on a 30# outfit intended for striped marlin.


Cabo Blanco/Mancora

Many folks keep asking about this new and exciting destination that Ecuagringo is reviving. The water conditions have been off for fishing the last two weeks with very cold water 67-69 F. Nevertheless our research boat reported decent striped marlin action on Mancora Bank going 2/5 releases of striped marlin Nov 10.

Keep reading our reports for more information on all our fisheries to come. Things will begin heating up as waters start to warm up in all our destination in Ecuador and Peru.

It is not too late to book Galapagos as we still have a few spots open for the remainder of 2016.

Keep those reels screaming!

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