Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report, May 6 – 8, 2017

May 9, 2017Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

Some of our destinations in Ecuador have been producing mixed bags of tuna, marlin, wahoo and grouper. Water temperatures have been very warm which usually decreases the striped marlin bite all around but seems to produce more blue and black marlin. The tuna bite in Galapagos has been phenomenal when searching for big eye tuna.



The blue marlin bite exploded the first days of May and the fishing was ok but not as hot last 3 days. Conditions changed over the weekend and fishing slowed a bit with current pushing North. The bite was better 20 to 30 miles out than the 31 to 40 miles our West of Manta. Nevertheless there have been nice sized blue marlin to catch with most boat averaging 1-3 raises per day.

May 6, 2017– Atomic fished 25 miles out and raised 2 blue marlin and a striped marlin with and missed them all. Panga Jose went 1/2 on blue marlin. Panga Mi Pana went 1/3 on blue marlin and a nice yellowfin tuna about 200#. Panga Divino Nino caught 6 wahoo fishing the cobia cages. Panga San Mateo fished 35 miles out with no action.

May 7, 2017– Atomic fished 20 miles out anda went 1/2 on blue marlin. Chola fishing near Isla de La Plata went 1/3 on blue marlin. Another boat from the Manta Yacht Club went 0/2 on blue marlin. Panga Teofilo went 1/3 on blue marlin.


May 6- 2017– while fishing for wahoo Dana caught several wahoo, an 82# grouper and a small black marlin 4 miles from Salinas. Excetera fished South of Salinas 35 miles and raised 2 striped marlin and released 1. Late in the afternoon they raised a black marlin about 250# that bit and spit the hook. Another boat from the Salinas Yacht Club reported going 1/4 on blue marlin 40 miles West of Salinas. Marilou while fishing for wahoo and catching several in Copey Bank hooked a big eye tuna estimated close to 400# that broke the line after 1 hour fighting.

May 7, 2017– Bebita fishing 40 miles West of Salinas reported 1/2 blue marlin plus 2 wahoo over 50#. Excetera fishing 35-40 miles South of Salinas went 0/1 on a nice black marlin estimated around 500# and 1/4 on striped marlin. Maxi fishing 50 miles out reported 2/5 on blue marlin and loosing a nice fish over 700#.

May 8, 2017– Chasin Tail went 1/3 on blue marlin 35 miles Northwest. Sea Walker went 0/2 on blue marlin.

Galapagos Islands:

San Cristobal Island

May 6- 2017– On The Hook had a fantastic day fishing McGowen Reef with over 20 big eye tunas caught averaging 20 to 55# and 4 wahoo. The crew reported seeing 2 striped marlin tailing about 2 miles before arriving on the reef.

May 7, 2017– Jhonamar 2 fished Rosa Blanca Banks and raised went 1/3 on striped marlin and lost a blue marlin in the afternoon estimated over 700# about 30 minutes into the fight. On The Hook fishing Rosa Blanca Bank as well raised a striped marlin and caught a nice big eye tuna about 75#.

May 8, 2017– Jhonamar 2 fished 0-30 Bank and went 0/1 on a nice blue estimated around 650# and 1/1 on a black marlin about 350#. On The Hook fished 0-30 Bank releasing a nice black marlin in the morning estimated about 500#. Late afternoon they released a 1/2 striped marlin and had a blue marlin come in the spread that chased a teaser.

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Amigos Pescadores,

Le damos un sinopsis breve de la pesca en nuestros destinos.



Después de una espectacular corrida de picudos/marlins azules y rayados del 1 al 5 de Abril, 2017 donde las embarcaciones tuvieron acción de un promedio de 3 a 8 peces diarios de pico bajo el fin de semana a 1-3 piques diarios. La corriente cambio de empujar al Sur y ahora esta para el Norte. Las condiciones se mantienen con buen color de agua y carnada. Los mejores meses recientes comienzan y la acción se debe hacer sentir en unos días cuando la corriente cambie nuevamente al sur.


Salinas tuvo de Mayo 6 a 8, 2017 una variedad de buena pesca de picudo negro y azul. Las embarcaciones pescando 30 a 50 millas al Oeste de Salinas promediaron 2 a 5 picudos azules Hubo algo de wahoo y de buen tamaño promediando 40 a 50 las.


Isla San Cristobal se destaca en tener excelente pesca de picudo y también mucho atún. Varias embarcaciones tuvieron buena acción de rayados, azule y negros del 6 a 8 de Mayo con un día notable de mas de 20 atunes de 20 a 55lbs.

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