Marlin & Tuna Fishing Report, June 16-20, 2017

Jun 21, 2017Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

We can’t stress enough just how good Manta has been and continues to be. Fishing is in full swing for blue marlin and most days do not disappoint. Galapagos has provided some good tuna and wahoo fishing plus incredible diving for guest who choose the extra activity. The estuary fishing for corvina out of Guayaquil has been filled with action too.



June 16, 2017– Atomic went 2/3 on blue marlin. Amalita 3/4 on blue marlin. Panga Explorer 1/3 on blue marlin.

June 17, 2017– Chola 2/3 on blue marlin out of 6 raises. Amalita 2/2 on blue marlin out of 4 raises. Luciana went 1/1 and Gaby 1/2 on blue marlin. Panga Don Teofilo went 2/5 on blue marlin. Panga Mi Pana 1/3 on blue marlin.

June 18, 2017– Chola 1/2, Amalita 1/3, Gaby 0/1 and Luciana 0/3 all on blue marlin with most boats having multiple raises. Panga Don Teofilo went 2/4 on blue marlin and 1/1 on sailfish.

June 20, 2017– The panga fleet all experience 2 to 6 raises of mainly blue marlin today with more than 10 boats out.

Guayaquil Gulf/Estuary Fishing

June 20, 2017– Daniel Davis along with his wife’s family headed out for a day of corvina fishing with guide JC on the estuaries. There was good action from corvina and catfish on live shrimp. They caught several dozen corvinas and some catfish.

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

June 18, 2017– On the Hook with Jay White and his wife Michelle, son Jacob and daughter Ericka had a combine day of fishing, beaches and snorkeling. A little for everyone. They fished the buoy out of Punta Pitt which was loaded with mahi mahi but would not feed with water 70 F. It was a fund day that did not center mainly on fishing.

June 20, 2017– On the Hook travelled to Espanola Banks with the White family. They raised no marlin until 13:00 so they headed to Pescador just off San Cristobal Island for a fun afternoon going 2/4 on large wahoo 75# and 65# and 2/4 on big eye tunas around 25#. These were the largest wahoo Jay and Jacob have ever caught.

Folks there is still time to book the 2017/2018 season for Galapagos that kicks up again in November. Don’t be left out of some of the best blue marlin fishing happening now in Manta. Call to book your family vacation, fishing diving, island hopping and more today!

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