Marlin Report August 28-30, 2010

Aug 28, 2010Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:

For the last 3 years I have been discussing with many of you just how good the fishery for blue marlin is in Manta, Ecuador. Manta is roughly a 3 and a half hour drive North of Guayaquil and about 3 hours from Salinas. I personally think that Manta is arguably the best blue marlin fishing in the Eastern Pacific. I have been reading reports of other Central and South American hotspots and following them closely for 3 years. My conclusion is nothing comes close.

Blue, black and striped marlin are consistently caught year round with June to December peaking. The town of Manta offers several 4 star hotels such as a Howard Johnson, many restaurants with fantastic seafood and the most gorgeous women I have seen in Ecuador.

We currently offer 2 boats for charter in Manta. Don Chuma is a 28 Bertram and the Choca is a 31 Bertram. Both boats are equipped with 50# and 80# tackle to handle these strong fish.

After a few phone calls to some of the anglers who were out this past weekend here is the feedback I was able to get:

August 28, 2010– 8 boats went out between 25 and 32 miles from Manta. Water conditions were reported to be dark blue and rough with seas 5 to 8 and choppy. The action was pretty constant through the day but more raises were had in the morning. Communication was not optimal due to the tremendous action in the cockpits but it is estimated that 8 boats raised over 100 blue marlin, 62 bites with 19 fish caught and a 882# blue brought to the scales. Fish ranged from 200 to 400 # for the most part. Water temperature was reported at 76.

August 29, 2010– 6 boats chased the marlin about 30 miles out of Manta. Water conditions were beautiful and the ocean was relatively calm as winds had died down. Good action started early and pretty much continued through the day with all boats finding fish. The blues averaged 200 to 400# for the most part but a fish over 900# was reported lost 1 hour into the fight. The 6 boats had an estimated 120 raises and 80 bites of blue marlin. An incredible day by all means!!

August 30, 2010– We were able to get a live report via single side band radio from angler Felipe Vivar onboard the Choca. By 2 PM Felipe had caught 4 blues averaging 300 to 450# and reported having raised 10 fish so far. 2 other boats in the area had caught 3 blues each and reported 14 and 7 raises respectively. The ocean was not totally calm but seas were bearable 3 to 5 footers. Water was 76 F. 31 fish reported raised until 2 PM with 10 caught.

Folks as you can see this is world class blue marlin fishing. We still have some boats available to book as early as September 12, 2010. Do not let this opportunity pass you up. You may never see blue marlin fishing this good again.

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