Marlin Fishing Report

Dec 31, 2011Fishing Reports

The waters off the coast of Ecuador have finally begun to warm up. Salinas showing average temperatures of 76 F and Manta 79 F. Water color is beautiful and the fishing has been below average. Hopefully with the changes in season more and more bait will begin to show up. Flying fish has become the most prevalent source of bait in the last week. The last week has reported very calm seas all around Ecuador.

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands is starting to show its seasonal change. Waters are warming to 74 and 75 F close to the island. It should not be long before waters average 76 to 80 in some areas. Some days have been very hot and sunny.



A few boats have reported seeing tailing striped marlin 12 to 25 miles out due West. Flying fish are quite common and water color has been clear blue. December 22 two boats reported catching 2 stripeys each and raising 4 and 5 fish each boat accordingly.

December 23 one boat saw 6 tailers and released 1 striped marlin out of 2 bites.


Some blue marlin action was reported on December 23 about 35 miles out. 3 boats each raised 1 blue each and two fish were caught out of a total of 3 bites. Water color has been a dark blue and lots of flying fish were reported.

Galapagos Islands

Fishing out of San Cristobal the Big Fish ran to Black Sheep Bank 70 mile Northeast and reported on Dec 23 raising 15 striped marlin, having 9 bites and releasing 5 on ballyhoo and circle hooks. There was some bait in the form of sardines which is a good indication.

The inshore fishing continues to be quite good with groupers in the 5 to 20lb caught just 20 minutes from port. The wahoo bite has picked up considerably and local artisanal boats are reporting catches of 10 to 15 wahoo per boat each morning on Dec 22 and 23.

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