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Dec 12, 2011Fishing Reports



The color of the water has remained dark blue and temperature has been a constant 73 F average. Winds have calmed down greatly making most days a very nice ride. Boats have been experiencing 2 to 8 striped marlin raises per day on average and a blue about every other day. Local artisanal fishermen troll on their 28 foot skiffs at 13-15 knots with teasers and switching to baits when the marlin show up.

They have reported catching two granders in the last week. Exact details are not clear but this is a common occurrence as these people fish almost everyday and cover lots of ground. The international market price of marlin is higher than ever which sadly puts a demand on these wonderful fish. If you are thinking about fishing Manta don’t hesitate to book. The bite has not been as strong as it was last year but it has still been quite reliable.


Water remains 72 F and quite cold for this time of the year. The fishing has been hit or miss with decent striped marlin action on one day and the none the next. Boats in the last week have averaged 0 to 10 raises making it a 50/50 shot. The sea conditions have been very calm and water color very nice.

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

The winds seem to have finally subsided in the last week. Water color in general has been very good but water temperature still remains quite cold around 71 for the time of the year. Very good tuna and wahoo action reported by local boats that fish for the restaurants. Most of our fleet has been doing some usual maintenance for this time of the year so there have not been any reports on the activity. However we will have a few charters starting in a few days. Local fishermen mentioned to captain Fernando Yepez that Black Sheep bank 70 miles North of port has been going of with large tunas and striped marlin.

Folks there is still time to book your trip for 2012. Don’t be left out!

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