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Aug 17, 2014Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

While the fishing in the Galapagos Islands for marlin, especially striped marlin is legendary there is also world class tuna and wahoo fishing. Guests from Argentina, Brazil and Japan tend to favor much of the light tackle fishing every year with us. The fishing for tuna, wahoo and bottom fish is good all year.

Here is a recent report from our Argentine guest Freddie Preston and 3 other anglers:

August 9, 2014– onboard the Johnamar 2 with captain Fernando Yepez they fished water 76 F off of Espanola Island and caught 1 wahoo and 5 big eye tuna. Seas were about 3 foot chops with clear water and low wind.

August 10, 2014– onboard the Johnamar 2 the same group caught on Macgowen Reef 11 tunas 15 to 25 lbs.

August 11, 2014– the Argentine’s on their last day of light tackle fishing on the Johnamar 2 caught 8 tuna, 1 barracuda with water 76 F around Punta Pitt.

The group did not target marlin and were only interested in light tackle fishing.

More to come soon as the marlin are still around reported by other boats and artisanal fishermen.

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