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Jun 12, 2014Fishing Reports

Fellow anglers,

Ecuador is sporting some fantastic water conditions in Galapagos. With waters holding 76 F in most places in the Galapagos Islands, the blue and striped marlin action is on. Not every year do we get warm waters in June and they are perhaps the result of the El Niño current. Our destination San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands has seen some striped marlin action off of Espanola Bank and blue marlin action off of Punta Pitt.

Our latest marlin fishing reports from San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands:

June 6, 2014– Guest John Meyer and his wife fished onboard the Big Fish. Captain Ronnie Yagual reported 4 raises from striped marlin on choppy seas and a sunny day. One particular striped was estimated around 280 lb broke the 50# line on a jump in the fight. A second striped marlin spit the hook close to the boat. Big eye tunas were also caught 15 to 25lbs.

June 7, 2014– They Meyer’s fished with captain Ronnie again on the Big Fish but no marlin were raised and they had some good action from tunas with the largest a 45 lb caught. The sea was calmer and the day was sunny with water temperature 76 F.

June 12, 2014– The Big Fish on an engine test day fished off Punta Pitt and raised 2 blue marlin. The first fish released by the mate after 1 hour fight was estimated around 600lbs. The second blue estimated around 400lb spit the hook 12 minutes into the fight. Water temperature was 76 F and seas were choppy. One big eye tuna around 60 lb was caught and they fished for less than 6 hours. This is great considering that unless waters are 75 F or above the captains don’t usually target blue marlin in the Galapagos and prefer to look for striped marlin.

Folks we hope to bring you more reports about the fishing. Don’t miss out your chance to fish Galapagos with us. Keep those reels screaming!

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