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Jan 19, 2014Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

Waters have warmed up on most areas and have held around 76 to 77 for the last week around Floreana, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. The hotest marlin action being reported on 88 bank and some highlights in other areas. Keep reading our reports for all the action from the Galapagos Islands.

Jan 15, 2014– Patricia captained by Yury Gutierrez Jr. reported raising 2 blue marlin 7 miles from “Post Office” off of Floreana Island. They released a 600 lb and lost a second blue estimated around 400lb on the run. Anglers were from Argentina, husband and wife. Day was calm with dark blue water and temp 76.1 reported.

Jan 16, 2014– Patricia fishing out of Puerto Velazco Ibarra and Post Office, Floreana Island caught 8 bigeye tuna estimated 50 to 80lbs. They hooked a nice blue around 500 lb around 12:30 pm and lost it 40 minutes later. Around 2:15 they hooked into a nice bigeye tuna that weighed out 167lb. Water was reported 76.5 F and another nice day on the water.

Jan 17, 2014– Johnamar 2 reported plenty of small tuna activity on Rosa Blanca bank and 1 striped marlin release. Water was 76.0 F

Jan 18, 2014– Johnamar 2 fished 88 Bank and raised 11 striped marlin, had 6 bites and released 3 stripeys. 2 big dorado around 30 lbs were also caught and 2 big eyes around 25#. Water was 76.5 F

Jan 19, 2014– Johnamar 2 had another good day on 88 Bank reporting 14 raises, 8 bites and 3 releases. Water 77 F

Fishing is picking up and soon the blues and blacks will be reported more frequently as fishing begins closer to Northern San Cristobal and 0-30 Bank. Folks there is still some availability if you want to fish these hot waters!

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