Marlin Fishing Report

Nov 21, 2012Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

The Humboldt Current is making its presence felt very strong. The water has been averaging 66 to 68 F off of Rosa Blanca bank. Very cold water for marlin. Striped marlin will bite but in fewer numbers in such cold water. 69 to 77 F seems to be optimal for stripeys. However there are good signs in the wake of recently slow fishing. Boats are reporting boobies diving offshore which were all but missing in action the last two years. Lost of sardines, tuna and life on Roda Blanca bank. This sound like the brewing of a stellar season once the water begins to warm up another 3 or 4 degrees by December.

The On The Hook reported not raising and catching big eye tunas on Rosa Blanca Bank on Nov 15. Johnamar 2 fishing with our clients Helen Taylor and her husband raised a marlin on Rosa Blanca, caught a 20lb dolphin and 5 big eye tunas in the 30-40# range. Captain Ronnie Yagual reported plenty of sardines, very cold water and lots of boobies feeding on the bank.

No one has fished the farther banks recently but there has been constant action on 88 Bank most of the year. The water tends to be 2 to 4 degrees warmer up North on 88 Bank.

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