Manta, Ecuador with double digit raises of marlin! All destinations are producing marlin

Sep 20, 2018Fishing Reports

Cooler waters off the coast of Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands and Peru have triggered a marlin bite that is not unusual in these parts with waters averaging 70 to 76 F. The abundance of bait has attracted the top predators along the famous Marlin Boulevard that spans off the coast of Ecuador to Northern Peru. The Humboldt Current mixes with the Equatorial & Panama Currents to bring nutrients and predators together. This week we have seen a very good marlin bite out of Manta and Salinas in Ecuador, San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands and Punta Sal in Peru.

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September 18, 2018– Miura captained by Andres Calero reported raising 11 striped marlin having 4 bites and releasing 2.

September 19, 2018-Miura again fished and released 1/1 on blue marlin and raised 12 striped marlin had 4 bites and released 2. Panga Don Teofilo raised 9 striped marlin going 2/5 and 1/1 on blue marlin.


September 17, 2018- Wahoo went 1/1 on blue marlin and 1/5 on striped marlin. Several other boats reported 3 to 7 raises of striped marlin and 2 black marlin caught.

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Punta Sal

September 18, 2019– A local panga that does a little recreational fishing reported fishing out of Mancora Bank and raising 8 striped marlin with 2 releases out of 4 bites. On the way back they caught 2 wahoo estimated over 70#

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal Island

September 17, 2018– On The Hook fishing 0-30 bank to gather a fishing report raised 18 striped marlin and had 10 bites with 5 releases.

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