Manta/Ecuador the blue marlin bite is hot and the tuna and marlin are making the Galapagos interesting

Jan 12, 2019Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

Manta, Ecuador had a very solid 2018 averaging 2 to 6 bites of blue and striped marlin most days reported throughout the year. There were not a lot of double digit days as other years but very few days did anyone get skunked. Now 2019 has started in Manta quite good. The Galapagos saw their best marlin and tuna bite in 7 years for most of 2018. The offseason was especially good in Galapagos producing many double digit raises of striped marlin and some blue marlin in the offseason.



Jan 10, 2019– Black Magic a new center console on the scene fished 20 miles West of Manta and raised 3 blue marlin and releases 1 estimated around 400#. They went 1/2 on striped marlin. Panga Don Antonio went 1/2 on blue marlin, 1/1 on black marlin and harpooned a swordfish that had been basking the surface.

Jan 11, 2019– Chola went 0/3 on blue marlin. Amalita went 1/6 on blue marlin. Conditions seemed quite favorable with lots of flying fish and good water clarity.

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Galapagos Islands

Jan 8, 2019– Patricia fishing out of Santa Cruz and going for tuna fished around near the area of Pinzon. They trolled with an older couple for wahoo and tuna. They caught 4 wahoo averaging 30 to 45# and 8 yellowfin tuna 25 to 55#. Captain Gutierrez said the tuna would have been amazing to cast topwater plugs to but the guest wanted whatever was easiest and some fish to prepare for dinner.

Jan 9, 2019– Our favorite host Ronnie went on a panga with his son Zaiid to 0-30 Bank for a fishing report. Only locals are allowed to fish from pangas and at times we send out crew to gather fishing reports on pangas because they are more cost efficient. Fishing only two lines, Ronnie reported seeing lots of birds and bait on 0-30 Bank. They raised 11 striped marlin and released 4 out of 7 bites on 50# standup gear fishing a total of 5 hours on the bank. A couple of nice yellowfin tuna about 65# made for a terrific double and eventually a nice dinner.


Punta Sal

Juan Testino reported that the last few weeks fishing out of Punta Sal in North Peru has produced lots of mahi mahi and some striped marlin released. We hope to have more details as this is still a developing sport fishery and information continues to be limited at time.

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