Manta, Ecuador Fishing Report September 1-5-2010

Sep 1, 2010Fishing Reports

The fishing continues to produce results nothing short of incredible. The last week has had some new additions such as big eye tuna, striped and sailfish which were virtually absent in our last report. The seas were pretty calm most of the week.

September 1, 2010– Waters were quite calm with 2 to 3 foot seas and overcast skies. Water temperature was near 77 F. Two boats reported fishing 28 miles from port. The first boat raised 6 blue marlin and 1 stripey. They caught 2 blues and a striped marlin. The second boat reported raising 3 blues and not catching any. The tally was 10 marlin raised with 3 caught between 2 boats.

September 2, 2010– The seas continued to be less than 3 feet and skies were overcast. 1 boat reported fishing 30 miles from port. Water was a grey blue color and there was plenty of bait. They claimed raising 5 blue marlin and catching a few small dorado. They released 1 blue estimated around 300lb.

September 4, 2010– The waters continued to be very pleasant with ocean temperatures 76 to 77 all day. Water color and a bait were said to be excellent and 10 boats headed about 30 miles out of port. Dolphins and some whales were seen. La Guara owned by angler Jaime Nebot caught a big eye tuna of 262 lbs, 1 striped marlin and a blue. They lost 2 stripes and 2 blue after shorts fights and managed to raise a total 7 marlin. La Choca armed with angler Ramon Velasquez reported raising 4 blues and 2 striped marlin with 2 blues caught.

Don Chuma and angler Fernando Mata reported raising 2 blue and 2 stripes with one blue caught. Florimar had a mixed bag with 6 blue marlin raised, 3 stripes and 3 sailfish with 1 blue, 1 stripey and 1 sailfish caught. Blue Fin with angler Wang Chang raised 1 blue and caught a 362 lb big eye tuna. All together there were 10 boats fishing that raised an estimated 54 blues, 22 stripes and 6 sailfish. By all accounts very good day to be on the water. Most blues were under 400lb with 4 females estimated over 600lb lost this day.

September 5, 2010– Another calm day of fishing was met with some current changes and green water moving in. The fishing slowed down a bit but 8 of the boats on the water all experienced marlin action. Don Chuma raised 2 stripes and caught 1 with no blues reported. La Choca experienced raising 4 blues, caught 1 and lost 2 more. Isabela caught a blue around 300lb and lost another estimated over 500lb. Blue Fin caught a blue and lost another.

Amalita raised 6 caught 1 blue, lost 4 more and caught 1 stripey. La Guara raised 2 blue and caught 1. Robalo reported raising 3 blues and catching 1. I was not able to get the report from the 8th boat. Over 30 marlin estimated raised between blue and stripes. This is still arguably a very good day. Folks as you can tell by our latest report the fishing continues to be strong in Manta.

Year after year Manta is becoming well respected by local sportsmen yet is still laid back enough that is has been kept under the international radar. Our business is to promote and provide the best marlin fishing found in South America. We feel Manta is one of South America’s latest hotspots.

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