Manta Blue Marlin Bite Is Electric, & The Galapagos Islands Double Digit Marlin Galore!

May 22, 2018Fishing Reports

Folks does fishing get much better that 5, 7 or 10 raises of blue marlin a day out of Manta, Ecuador? Or how about 20 to 50 raises of striped and blue marlin happening now in the Galapagos Islands? You are missing out from two of South America’s best marlin bites happening now. We cannot stress just how good these fisheries are.

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal Island

May 20, 2018– On The Hook with Captain Gus Hernandez went with the crew to try out new tackle and get a fishing report. They fished 0-30 Bank and found it loaded again with sardines. The crew raised 33 striped marlin and 3 blue marlin to the teasers. They did not attempt to catch any fish as they were trying to get footage and practice with a drone which unfortunately crashed in the water and was useless. They only fished for 5 hours on the bank and left about 1 pm but Captain Gus mentioned that he saw more than 100 tailing striped marlin throughout the day.

More reports to come this week from Galapagos as the On The Hook will be fishing again with guest.

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May 19 & 20, 2018– The local panga fleet reports 5 to 8 raises of mainly blue marlin on average per day fishing 17 to 35 miles out. The local boats all had action from plenty of hungry marlin. They reported nice water conditions and plenty of flying fish.

Folks if you want the best shots the Pacific Ocean has to offer for marlin then book your trip of a lifetime now!

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