January 2018 First Fishing Report of The Year Is a Blast!

Jan 8, 2018Fishing Reports

Fellow anglers Manta-Ecuador continues to show strong with incredible blue and striped marlin fishing, The first week of January has been nothing short of phenomenal! Salinas has shared a good striped marlin bite and some blue marlin. Here is the latest from January 1-7, 2018.



January 1 & 2, 2018– Most sport fishers and pangas were experience raising 0 to 3 blue marlin a day with the fishing being North of Manta mostly out 30 miles.

January 3-4, 2018– Fishing and sea conditions improved with most boats reporting to 1 to 4 raises per day of mainly blue marlin.

January 5, 2018– All hell broke loose as most boat were experiencing 3 to 9 raises of blue marlin and some striped marlin 35 miles West of Manta. Amalita went 3/7 on blue marlin

January 6, 2018– Chola went 2/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 on striped marlin and 2 dorados. Amalita went 1/4 on blue marlin. The pangas reported raising 2 to 5 blue marlin on average and most boats raised at least 1 striped marlin. Isabela went 2/2 on blue marlin.

January 7, 2018– Chola went 2/3 on blue marlin and 1/2 on striped marlin, Amalita 2/4 on blue marlin with the largest fish around 500#


January 6, 2018– Mary Lou fishing with a group from Argentina went 1/3 on striped marlin

January 7, 2018– Mary Lou fishing with the Argentine group caught 2/5 striped marlin

January 8, 2018– Mary Lou reported 2/3 blue marlin with with one estimated around 500#

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