Isabela Island With Good Blue Marlin Action

Apr 24, 2021Fishing Reports

Isabela Island is fast become one of the top destinations in the world to go after the biggest of blue marlin. We are currently fishing with our fantastic friends and anglers Peter Gelfand and Robert Carrillo. Gelfand and Carrillo are regulars with Ecuagringo and have fished many times in the different locations we offer such as San Cristobal, Manta and now Isabela.

Peter has been chasing large blue marlin all over the world and has fished some of the top destinations with the best captains. He is very experienced and quite charming to talk to about all the incredible folks he has met including the late Alfred Glassell. Finally, it was Isabela, Galapagos Islands that made his dream come true of landing a big blue marlin.

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April 22, 2021– Sportfisher Patricia captained by Yury Gutierrez on a hosted trip with Braden Escobar fished out of Isabela Island about 16 miles. They found lots of bait and marine life. The sounder even marked what were probably over 30 marlin all day. There was so much bait that it made it hard to pull fish off bait balls.

5 blue marlin were raised and a striped marlin but we only had one bite from a fish estimated around 400#. All other fish would come to inspect, hit a rigger line with little aggression. We even had two blues in the spread estimated around 300# at the same time.

April 23, 2021Today would be the day Peter Gelfand would land his monster. The day started with birds working, lots of bait on the monitor and perfect marine conditions. It took less than an hour for the first bite. A beautiful lure chase and a fish estimated close to 700# peeled about 100 yards of line before spitting the hook. The day was promising with lots of bait and finally around 12:30 pm a sea monster crashed the right short and the fight was on.

fishing report 20210424 03

Peter Gelfand strapped himself to the Alutecnos 130# reel and held on. For over 3 and half grueling hours he collected literally inch by inch of line. The blue marlin came up dead but it was not wasted. Back in port it was given to the local villagers to eat. This would be Peter Gelfand’s biggest blue marlin landed and estimated by measurements and formula to be about 850.

Folks we still have a few open dates in May 2021 if you want to be part of this incredible giant marlin fishery. Call us today to book your dates and fish this land of true giants.

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