Isabela Island, Galapagos First Fishing Report Of 2021

Jan 30, 2021Fishing Reports

Thanks to our good friends and crew onboard Intrepido that fishes off Isabela Island we have a report from January 28 and Jan 29, 2021. Intrepido is not a charter boat but rather a small artisanal vessel run by some of the crew members that fish on Ecuagringo boats during the Isabela Island giant blue marlin trips. They have partnered up with Ecuagringo from now until March to fish a few times with tackle provide by Ecuagringo for fishing reports.

Jan 28, 2021– Leaving Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island approximately 8:00 am they had line sin water at the 6,000 drop about 10 miles out by 8:35 am. Fishing South with two 80# trolling large Moldcraft chuggers they raised a blue estimated around 650 # at about 11:15 am. They released the fish about an hour later.

Around 1:32 pm they hooked a nice striped marlin close to diving boobie birds and released it after a few minutes. During the day they caught 3 mahi mahi about 20# each which made for good ceviche.

isabela island beach 01

Jan 29, 2021– Intrepido headed for 13 miles to fish the 9,000 foot drop. They found plenty of boobies diving on bait and began to pull two 80# with lures. It was not long before a very nice blue marlin estimated around 800# took off grey hounding with a black Moldcraft Senior Wide Range.

The fish managed to jump on line and break off after about 5 minutes. They day went on uneventful until about 2:00 pm when they hooked a nice bigeye tuna about 80#. They finished the day raising a double of striped marlin but were not able to set the hooks on them.

Folks if you want to fish a very good new place for big blue marlin with legitimate chances at a grander then you need to put the time to fish Isabela Island, Galapagos. With have very limited dates to fish this incredible destination full of marine life.

Isabela Island 2021 Available Dates

April 12 to 21 (5 days minimum required) 1 boat available
May 7 to 11, 1 boat available

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