Isabela Island Again Delivers!

Apr 14, 2021Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands Giant Blue Marlin Report

Fishing a 10 day stretch with Randall Sook and looking for giant blue marlin in the Galapagos Islands! Randy had dreamed of doing battle with one of the ocean’s top billfish. After fishing San Cristobal regularly for the incredible striped marlin bite there he decided it was time to try the patience game of giant blue marlin fishing. We are two days into his trip and he was well rewarded on day 2.

fishing report 20210414 02

April 12, 2021– 36 ft sport fisher Patricia set out of Isabela Island with Captain Yury Gutierrez at the helm and mates Jairon Gutierrez and Wilson. They fished off Isabela Island but raised no billfish and caught a bonito late in the day.

April 13, 2021– The crew of the Patricia and Randy set out to search for that giant girl. The day went on with excellent conditions, lots of bait, dolphins and birds. The fishing was uneventful and bait went down about 11 am. Then around 1:30 pm it kicked up again. At 2:46 pm Randall Sook was able to witness what most marlin anglers dream about! A giant blue marlin bite on the right short!

fishing report 20210414 03

fishing report 20210414 04

Incredible sight of the whole 2 seconds of a huge fish slamming a lure. Bill, dorsal fin and head came out of the water. The mates quickly cleared cockpit and the fight was on. Within 45 minutes the leader was touched and mates tried pulling on huge fish but it took off again. 3 more hours and the hook pulled deep. Crew estimated fish to be close to the 1000 pound mark.

Folks if you want your best chances in the world at a giant blue marlin then you need to fish Isabela Island. The fully grown females come to feed and spawn along the deep drops of Isabela Island. Ecuagringo is the only outfitter in all of the Galapagos to have the boats and the gear to have a shot at catching these fish.

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