Hot Tuna & Wahoo Bite Continue In Galapagos Waters

Mar 13, 2018Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers,

The incredible tuna and wahoo action continues in the Galapagos Islands with boat experiencing from March 8 to 12, 2018 lots of tuna action from yellowfin and big eyes in the 15 to 75 pond range. However an unsual highlight is of a swordfish caught by a local mate from Santa Cruz while popping for tuna at a local buoy he hooked a swordfish in the daytime with a surface popper. Not a monster by any measure but still a nice catch on light tackle and just goes to show that you can expect the unexpected in the Galapagos.

Folks we have a few last minute dates left to fish in April for this incredible high volume tuna bite. 2019 is booking up quick so don’t be left out. This is a short report with much more to come soon.

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Galapagos Islands:

Santa Cruz Island

March 7, 2018– Patricia reported landing 8 wahoo and 12 yellowfin tuna while trolling McGowen Reef. Some of the wahoo were over 50# making for some great steaks and ceviche.

March 8, 2018– A local panga fishing with a mate from San Cristobal caught a decent swordfish while casting a popper plug at surface feeding tuna near a FAD buoy in the daytime. They had caught several swordfish the night before while fishing with lights and squid around the buoy. They stayed to try to catch tuna at dawn and were surprised to have a swordfish crash the popper. A very unusual daytime catch on the surface but nevertheless worth reporting. Just goes to show the potential of swordfish fishery in the Galapagos.

San Cristobal Island

March 8 to 10, 2018- Angler Bruce Radford and his wife enjoyed fishing for almaco jacks, wahoo and yellowfin tuna onboard the On The Hook with Captain Gus Hernandez. Bruce chose to troll the reefs and stay close to the island of San Cristobal which made for a beautiful backdrop. The couple chose to take breaks and swim near shore after having their fill of fresh tuna sashimi and ceviche.

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March 8 & 9, 2018– There was some striped and blue marlin activity reported 25 miles West of Salinas with lots of nice Mahi Mahi 20 to 50 pound range being caught by a handful of boats out. Boats reported 1 to 3 raises of marlin.

March 10, 2018– Current change and began pushing North with lots of green water turning off the billfish bite.


March 8, 2018– A boat from Salinas fishing the Isla de la Plata caught a blue around 400# and lost another a few minutes into the fight.

March 10, 2018– A strong current pushing water North brought green water and billfish bite has slowed

**Folks for those who want to attempt daytime deep dropping for swordfish in the Galapagos Islands we will be fully ready for 2019 season with LP 1200 electric reels.**

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