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Jan 4, 2021Fishing Reports

San Cristobal Island, Galapagos Islands

Randy Sook in the company of his daughters Madeline, Olivia and her boyfriend Bryce Paulsen had a good time all catching striped marlin and even Olivia catching a Pacific sailfish which is a rarity in the Galapagos. They took a day to bottom fish and had fun with all kinds of colorful reef fish.

December 28, 2020– Captain Jonathan Valiente took Mantaraya fishing on 0-30 Bank raised 20 striped marlin had 17 bites and released 3 striped marlin. Randy, Madeline and Bryce all released striped marlin. It was a fun action packed day but the fish were very finicky.

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December 29, 2020– Mantaraya returned to 0-30 Bank where the fishing became slow in the day with only 4 striped marlin raised and 1 sailfish. They went 0/4 on striped marlin and 1/1 on sailfish. Sailfish are quite rare in the Galapagos with only less than a handful caught each year by our fleet. Olivia Sook caught the sailfish this day.

December 31, 2020– The Sook family headed onboard Mantaraya for Española Bank with Captain Jonathan Valiente at the helm. They released 6 out of 8 striped marlin and raised 11. Everyone caught and released striped marlin this day and had loads of fun.

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January 1, 2021Randy Sook and his group headed to McGowen Reef to fish for wahoo and tuna to start the New Year. The wahoo and tuna did not show up but the bottom fishing was very good for grouper, snapper and almaco jack plus other colorful reef fish and everyone had fun.

January 2, 2021– The Sook gang’s final day went with 3 releases of striped marlin from 5 bites and 6 raises on Española Bank onboard Mantaraya.

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Last Minute Available Dates

Take advantage and fish the world’s best large striped marlin waters. Here are a few last minute open dates and number of boats available:

San Cristobal Island Sensational Striped Marlin & Bottom Fishing

If you are looking for the most consistent striped marlin bite then this is where you need to go!

January 19,20,21,22 & 23 (1 boat available)
January 25-26-27 (1 boat available)

Isabela Island Giant Blue Marlin Hosted Trips With Braden Escobar

Best chance in the Pacific to have a shot or shots at a grander blue marlin. This is seriously 80# and 130# tackle waters. Fish are huge and the abundance of squid, tuna, bonito, and mahi mahi on the upwellings and drop offs in excess of 9000 feet of depth make it an incredible place. You will probably witness whales, dolphins, sharks, whale sharks and swordfish on the surface during your trip.

April 17 to 21 last hosted dates available for 2021 season!

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