High volume striped marlin action continues in March

Mar 7, 2022Fishing Reports

Boats fishing Española, Rosa Blanca and 0-30 Banks have all found action from 10 to over 30 raises per day of striped marlin.  Crews are reporting lots of birds, dolphins and marine life especially on Española Bank.  Vertigo 2, Mantarraya and Johnamar have all been busy fishing the first week of March.

fishing galapagos 20220307 02

March 3, 2022– Vertigo 2 fishing with Peter Santini reported raising over 30 striped marlin 17 bites and 7 releases out of Española Bank.

March 4, 2022– Mantarraya and Johnamar headed to 0-30 Bank.  Matarraya raised 13 striped marlin had 10 bites and released 1 striped marlin. Mantarraya rasied 14 had 5 bites and released 3 striped marlin.

fishing galapagos 20220307 03

March 5, 2022– Mantarraya and Johnamar both had an excellent day of high action striped marlin fishing. Lots of bait and marine life on the Rosa Blanca Banks East of San Cristobal Island. Captain Jonathan Valiente  Mantarraya able to raise with his crew an our guest 26 and had 18 bites and released 6 striped marlin. Johanmar raised 18 had 10 bites and released 7 striped marlin.

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