Galapagos Tuna and Marlin Bite Continues! Manta slows down a bit…

Feb 13, 2018Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers the last week of fishing has brought an outstanding tuna bite in the Galapagos and a well greeted steady marlin bite. Anglers fishing the Galapagos has found good action from big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, striped marlin, some nice black marlin and quite a few blue marlin. Manta slowed down the last few days averaging 0 to 3 raises of marlin per day.

Galapagos Islands:

San Cristobal Island

The marlin seem to be going steady and after a few several slower than usual years with not much bait, 2018 is showing signs of a good season in the making. With some days last week reporting double digit raises again. Anglers considering wanting to go last minute should contact us asap as we have some windows still open to fish.

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Feb 4, 2018– Vertigo reported going 0/5 on five striped marlin biting at the same time on Bank 0-30 with Peter Santini and his group pf anglers.

Feb 5, 2018– Vertigo fished Floreana Island and did not raise marlin but had some action from tuna. On The Hook reported raising 1 blue marlin and releasing 2/3 striped marlin.

Feb 6, 2018– Jhonamar 2 fished McGowen reef and had plenty of action from big eye and yellow fin tuna on poppers. Over a dozen bites and 8 fish landed on light tackle. On The Hook fished 0-30 Bank and reported the much welcomed sardine bait balls. On the Hook raised 3 striped marlin and lost a nice blue with 1 striped marlin release. Vertigo raised 8 striped marlin had 5 bites and 1 release fishing 0-30 Bank.

Feb 8, 2018– Captain Gus reported On The Hook fishing 0-30 Bank raised 7 striped marlin and released 3. Vertigo had a nice day of tuna and almaco jack fishing near Floreana Island.

Feb 9, 2018– On The Hook fished near Floreana Island and raised 4 striped marlin and released 2. Vertigo had 2 striped marlin and 0 releases fishing 0-30 Bank.

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Feb 3, 2018– Fishing onboard Miura 33ft with Peter Gelfand and Bobby Carrillo we had an incredible day of dodos/mahi-mahi catching 9 fish total all 20 to the largest bull about 55#. A carcass on the surface attracted lots of mahi but the goal was marlin. No marlin were raised this day.

Feb 5, 2018– Miura with Peter Gelfand and Bobby Carrillo raised 1 striped marlin and had 1 bite and broke of a small blue marlin. Several dorado were caught that made for good sashimi.

Feb 6, 2018– Miura on its last day of fishing with Peter and Bobby raised 3 striped marlin and got two bites. Bobby Carillo released a small striped. 3 nice mahi-mahi were also caught.

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Salinas Feb 3 to Feb 6, 2018– Mary Lou reported raising 1 to 3 marlin per day with a mix of blue and striped marlin. Fishing slowed a bit in general off the Southern coast of Ecuador compared to the week before.

The fishing, wether faster or slower, still continues to deliver good chances of marlin in most of the destinations in Ecuador. Galapagos will probably get stronger as the season continues with a good marlin bite probably lasting well into May or June. Contact us today to book your next South American adventure.

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