Galapagos striped marlin bite is hot & Manta, Ecuador’s blue marlin season off to a good start!

May 14, 2018Fishing Reports

Photo credit Nicolas Schiess

Galapagos Islands

Santa Cruz Island:

Captain Nicolas Schiess has racked up some incredible numbers onboard the Tesoro Galapagos raising double digit striped marlin on most of his days fishing last week between May 9 and 11, 2018 on Bank 0-30. On Sunday May 13, 2018 Captain Schiess had this report in his own words:

“We got the tackle ready to go at 10:30, sighted tails and went on it, 10:45 the first bite in the squid chains, 11:15 second bite and strike, lost it 15 minutes after, 11:45 strike & release a striped 300 pound!, we pulled the gear and started chasing a bait ball 2nm to the NW of the seamount, trolled there again but no bite happen, went back to were we had the attacks and sighted two Striped surfing the waves, we manage to get the outriggers lines in the mouth and had the third strike and second release by 1:45. Tomorrow we be there again with California Anglers, we keep you up date!”

Tesoro Galapagos ended the day with 2/4 on striped marlin and saw a few more trailers. It was a slower day than the previous week which saw lots of action on the same bank.

More reports to come from Captain Schiess and we have a video to share with you thanks to the Tesoro Galapagos team from Santa Cruz Island. These guys run a cool operation. You can book directly with Captain Schiess or we can help you.



Manta is still one of the best kept blue marlin hotspots South America. As the summer rolls in so should the great fishing reports. Fish usually show up in May and set the tone by June for what the season might be like.

May 9, 2018– Atomic went 1/4 on blue marlin.

May 10, 2018– Panga Don Teofilo went 1/3 on blue marlin and Panga explorer went 2/4 on blue marlin

May 12, 2018– Adria 1/3 on blue marlin and 3/5 on some nice mahi mahi. Amalita went 0/2 on blue marlin.

More reports to follow from Galapagos and Ecuador as boats are out fishing this week. If you want to take advantage of last minute dates still open to fish Galapagos or Manta then contact us today.

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