Galapagos Marlin Report

Jan 12, 2011Fishing Reports

2011 has started in Galapagos!

This week we had guests Ken French and Lisa visit San Cristobal to fish with Captain Fernando Yepez onboard the Big Fish. Ken mentioned that his dream was to catch a marlin which came true in Galapagos. Ken also experience some decent wahoo and bottom fish action on light tackle while jigging inshore. Seas were reported to be almost flat calm each day.

January 11, 2011– The Big Fish headed for Rosa Blanca Banks. Captain Yepez reported lots of bird activity especially boobies as well as sea lions. Not much bait was seen on the monitor which led him to believe the bait was spread out on the bank as well as the marlin. The first raises came late in the morning but produced 8 very big stripeys raised until 1:30 pm before heading inshore to jig. The marlin were finicky and only 3 produced solid bites. Ken released his first stripey around 200# reported and lost 2 more fighting. Inshore Ken caught 2 pargos around 10# and lost a nice wahoo and almaco jack to a big male sea lion.

January 12, 2011– Ken headed out to Rosa Blanca bank. They fished until about 12:30 pm and raised 5 stripeys had 3 bites and released 2 very nice fish on circle hooks. Next they headed inshore to do more jigging where they caught some more groupers and reported loosing another wahoo to the same sea lion.

January 13, 2011– was a day of fishing and relax on the west side of San Cristobal. Most of the day was spent bottom fishing and doing some snorkeling near Punta Pitt. Bump head parrot fish, groupers, tuna and wahoo were reported hooked or caught jigging. A nice way to end their Galapagos adventure.

Folks we still have a few openings on some boats to fish prime dates.

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