Galapagos Marlin Report December 1-8

Dec 9, 2016Fishing Reports

Ecuagringo – We love to pioneer, start and revive exotic fishing destinations. Galapagos was our first major fishing destination that we worked hard to put the first charter boat in 2001.

The Ecuagringo staff makes an effort to provide updated fishing reports to all our destinations in South America. Please tell your family and friends about us. The more we fish the more we can contribute to local families with jobs and incentives to help preserve catch and release and sustainable fisheries.

Fellow Anglers:

December had started out really slow the first 4 days of the month but from the 5th on the waters changed and the fishing in Galapagos became on fire. This report will focus only on Galapagos and we will have reports on our other destinations later in the week. If this doesn’t convince you that the Galapagos Islands are an extraordinary fishery then nothing will.

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands:

We just received a full report from Captain Fernando Yepez who along with several Ecuagringo mates have been taking their down time to work on the boats and fish for their families and local markets. The marlin fishing had slowed down in the closer banks. Tuna and wahoo had some fairly decent days. However everything has changed for the better in the last few days. Our main boats are undergoing final maintenance so we rely on the reports from our crews fishing on their own pangas. However, encouraged by satellite feeds, chlorophyl and abundance of bait lately we decide to ask one our crews to try for marlin a couple of days.

Dec 1- 4, 2016 reports were pretty steady on tuna and wahoo with nothing spectacular as water was 73 F and under all around. A mass of greenish water had settled in around the islands for almost 7 weeks. Marlin fishing had slowed down in the closer banks but yet there were a few good days. Tuna and wahoo had some decent days.

Dec 5, 2016 lots of bait in the form of sardines and flying fish have shown up following the nutrients, chlorophyll and nice warmer water mixing in. Captain Yepez reported 22 wahoo and 13 tuna between big eyes and yellow fin caught fishing near Mc Gowen reef. They saw a few striped marlin tailing 2 miles before arriving on the bank.

Dec 6, 2016 wanting to continue the success of the previous day Captain Yepez returned by panga to Mc Gowen reef again and had another great day with 17 wahoo and 32 tuna caught. Fish were reported to average 30 to 55#. Lots of birds and life.

Dec 7, 2016 based on the amount of life reported we sent Captain Yepez to fish 0-30 Bank. What he found was incredible and lots of life. The bank was loaded with life from dolphins, birds, flying fish and sardines. Beautiful water 75 F. It was not long after pulling three lures behind the boat that they hooked up to a blue marlin estimated around 600#. After releasing the blue; lures went back into the water and the tuna became a pest. Catching 6 big eye tunas averaging 45# to 75#. About 10:30 AM 3 striped marlin came into the spread and they went 2/3 on stripes on the lures. There were only 2 people on the panga. Lines went back in the water and a few more tuna were caught. About 1:15 PM and fishing about half a mile off the bank to avoid the tunas a nice black marlin about 500# crashed the left long. It took them about 45 minutes to release the nice black. Lines went back in the water shortly after 2:00 pm and they began trolling back to the same spot off the bank when another black marlin crashed the same lure on the left long. This fish began jumping and the crew estimated it at over 700# before a final jump and spit the hook. Before they would head for home one more striped marlin would come into the spread.

Dec 8, 2016 we again sent the crew out by panga to fish 0-30 Bank and asked them to target marlin. Today they would fish teasers only for half a day. They set up 3 rods (there were no outriggers on the panga) with daisy chains and large teasers. We asked them to troll hard on 0-30 Bank and count raises and action. The crew arrived on the bank around 8:30 AM and claimed they were greeted by diving birds, tuna, whales, dolphins, sharks and just about everyone was home feeding on large amounts of bait. The teasers were constantly hit by tuna and picked away at for a good two hours before a double of striped marlin began to chase. About 20 minutes later 3 striped marlin would materialize to the teasers. They fished around 9 knots to cover the bank quickly and get results. By mid day they had managed to raise a total of 7 striped marlin and dozens of tuna hits on the teaser. They decided to head off the bank and pull three lures looking for blue and black marlin. They started fishing 1/4 of mile off the northeast drop of the 0-30 bank working their way to the South. It took just under 30 minutes for a blue about 400# to hook up, jump a couple of times and spit the lure. Lures went back in the water and they kept working around where they got the bite. 15 minutes later another blue around 300# came up to check out the lures going from left to right before disappearing. About 2:40 PM a nice blue crushed the right long. They fought the fish for over an hour before they were able to get a look and estimated around 650#. The blue came out jumped a few times and spit the hook.

Folks if this is not some great fishing then what is!!! Galapagos is starting to come into season for blue, black and striped marlin as waters warm up. The time to book your trip of a lifetime is now. Don’t let the great fishing pass you up. You only live once! Take advantage of our Blue vs Black special going on with 10% off blue and black marlin fishing. Book your trip by Dec 31, 2016 to fish anytime between now and Dec 31, 2017 and save 10%.

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