Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Jan 23, 2011Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

The seas have been calm with water temperature around 77 F in the South and 79 F further North. Beautiful blue ocean color has been the norm every day. Flying fish are becoming a common site. The marlin fishing has not been off the charts but there have been a few around to make things interesting.

Jan 18, 2011– Onboard the Blue fishing with Captain Julio Rodriguez we had the pleasure of hosting Richard Karr, George Samenuk, Erick Jhonson and John Waravka. These New England anglers wanted to experience some of the Galapagos striped marlin action. Fishing the area known as La Entrada, of the Rosa Blanca banks the water was calm.

Full of life with hundreds of boobies diving and sharks feeding on the surface. They had to fish away from the birds and the sharks to be able to give the marlin a chance. Using circle hooks they raised 13 stripeys, had 9 bites and released 2. George and Richard released stripeys of 130# and 165# approximately in weight. Around 2:30 pm they headed inshore to catch wahoo and tuna.

Jan 19, 2011– The same group fishing on the Blue headed for the area of La Entrada. Lots of birds and sea life but there were a lot more sharks making it harder to raise the marlin. 6 finicky stripeys including a cluster of 3 at one time were raised with two bites and no releases. The water was calm and a very pleasant day of fishing. Around 1 pm they headed inshore to catch wahoo and tuna for dinner.

Jan 20, 2011– the Big Fish with Captain Fernando Yepez hosting Rafik Sidhom and Aussie Daniel Roberts headed North to the 68 mile bank Black Sheep. The team raised 7 stripeys but were only able to entice a bite from 1 which was lost close to the boat. In the early afternoon the anglers turned to bottom fishing with electric reels they brought. They caught a few bottom fish that made for an interesting dinner.

The Blue with the same New England anglers headed to the same bank on their final day hoping to score on more stripeys. There was lots of bait on the bank but the marlin were not very active. A few tailers plus3 raises and one slow bite was all she wrote.

Jan 21, 2011– onboard the Jhonamar 2 with Captain Edwin Buenano, guests Rafik and Daniel went for a day of bottom fishing with their electric reels on Rosa Blanca bank. The fishing was very slow and although they tried all the know grouper spots only a few tile fish, brujos and small bottom dwellers were caught. A few marlin were seen feeding and tailing.

Jan 22, 2011– the Jhonamar 2 again set out with Captain Edwin and the same guest for bottom fishing on the banks off of Espanola. The fishing was better and 3 groupers around 10# were caught as well as a dozen tile fish along with other bottom fish. In the afternoon they tried for tuna catching a few small and one nice fish about 25#.

Jan 23, 2011– the last day for Daniel and Rafik it was time to fish for marlin on the Big Fish. Captain Fernando Yepez took them to Rosa Blanca and tried all the known mounds. The fishing was unusually slow and very little bait and life on the bank.

They still managed to raise 4 very uninterested stripeys and see 3 tailers. At 2:06 pm a large fish hit the right long ballyhoo for an incredible bite. It peeled off 300 yards of line before the boat could be turned around. For a while everyone thought it was a stripey but after an initial jump it turned out to be a nice blue around 450#. The blue was released to fight again another day. A great way to end a trip!

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