Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Apr 8, 2012Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

The last few days have been a mixture of emotions. We are sad to know about our friend Jose Wejeve’s trajic death in a plane crash April 6, 2012. Jose was truly one of the best anglers, mentors and ambassadors the sport fishing world has witnessed. He will be missed.

Now on to the fishing… The water has remained 77 to 79 F in most areas we covered. Rosa Blanca had a bit more bait and some marlin were raised there as well. However 88 Banks has been much more productive for stripes.

April 5th, 2012– on-board the Big Fish we picked up Brian Temple’s group of 4 anglers in Baltra. The airlines screwed up the direct flight to San Cristobal so now it was time to pick up anglers from Baltra and show them some fishing on 0-30 Bank. Unfortunately two anglers got dizzy and we call it an early afternoon. Brian and Al went back out to do some bottom fishing near San Cristobal and a few nice groupers were caught for dinner.

April 6th, 2012– we headed out on the Big Fish to Rosa Blanca. Tunas were the story of the day and a few boobies were diving. Bait was seen on the monitor and the ocean conditions were nice and calm. We managed to raise a stripey on the Honey Hole which appeared totally electric blue while chasing the dredge. We were able to get it to bite a bait but on a short run it spit the ballyhoo. Later in the day we would get a double raise of stripeys to end the day with 4 nice big eye tunas and 3 striperys raised and 1 bite.

April 7th, 2012– we headed out on the Big Fish to 88 Bank. Sea conditions were very calm and a small storm made the last 10 miles a bit choppier but the wind died down and by 10:30 AM the ocean was smooth. The bank had bait and the action started close to 11:00 AM. The fishing was nonstop through the day and eahc angler had 2 to 3 shots at marlin. We wound up raising 16 stripeys with 11 bites and 6 released. A very fun day and everyone caught 1 or 2 stripeys.

April 8th, 2012– a day to do a little snorkeling, tuna fishing and bottom fishing. The general inshore fining was slower than usual but the group had fun and enough fish were caught to have a great dinner prepared at the Miconia. The highlight of the day was Al’s 15 lb Galapagos grouper.

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