Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Mar 25, 2014Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

Captain Fernando Yepez gave us a summary of his experience fishing Feb and March 2014 onboard the Vertigo with Pete Santini:

“Late February and early March most days the striped marlin action was found on the bank near Espanola Island. Water remained 77 to 78 most days and was mostly clear blue with sea conditions nice. Out of 9 days we fished 7 on Espanola and raised striped marlin everyday. Most days 5 to 12 fish raised with one day raising 20 and seeing about 25 more tailers. Another day we raised 16. We managed to release in 7 days of fishing over a dozen striped marlin. We also fished 2 days near Punta Pitt looking for blue marlin. The first day we raised 3 blues had 3 bites but lost all of the them. The second day we went the water was an off-color green and we had one blue on shortly before it spit the hook. Water temp was 77 in Punta Pitt.

Española would be loaded with sardines one day and less the next and then loaded again. We had more action on the days the bank had more bait. We also caught wahoo and tuna in the mix. Action was pretty good and guests were happy.”

Captain Fernando Yépez

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