Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Apr 21, 2013Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

The last week has produced more World class marlin fishing. More blue, Striped and black marlin are being raised as we continue to target San Cristobal’s North East Drop.

April 20, 2013– almost a perfect day for marlin fishing with calm seas and sunny skies Robert Down and his friend Jim fished onboard the Big Fish. Heading North along the island of San Cristobal we fished the NE Drop. Line were not in the water 10 minutes when the first bite came and Robert released a nice striped marlin around 130#. Next was Jim’s turn who caught his first marlin as well within half and hour.

A striped marlin around 140# was released Next up a blue around 600 # bit jumped and broke the line on an 80. Before mid day a nice black marlin would knock down a rigger and miss the lure. Robert released a blue around 250# and Jim would have another blue that spit the hook. We also had another blue come into the spread but did not eat. In all we had 7 raises, 5 bites and 3 releases. Water temperature averaged 77 F.

Patricia fished close to the Big Fish with the Robert Dow’s friends. They raised a stripey and a blue but were not able to get a good hook set in either. They quit marlin fishing early to go bend rods with some tuna that made for a great dinner.

April 21, 2013– same group of angler from Texas fished on the Big Fish and the Patricia. Seas were choppy with 5 to 7 ft swells and lots of wind. The day was sunny. Patricia released a stripey early morning and broke off a nice blue estimated around 400# before mid day. They went on raise 2 more striped marlin for a total of 3 bites and 1 release.

Big Fish did not have action until after mid day with 4 stripeys raised that did not eat well, a blue around 350# that knocked the rigger and a large tuna that missed the lure completely twice. Seas were quite choppy making lure and bait presentation hard. One stripey teased in beautifully, ate a pitch bait on a circle hook but spit the hook. A total of 5 marlin were raised with 3 bites and no releases. Water temp averaged 76 F.

Folks the fishing is very good. Don’t hesitate to book now for the fishing trip of a lifetime. We still have a few openings to come down last minute.

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