Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Apr 13, 2013Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

April has been a beautiful month to fish weather wise The tuna and wahoo fishing has been off the charts with local pangas averaging 10 to 30 wahoo per day. The fish are 20 to 50 lbs in size mostly.

The Galapagos are not only famous for their marlin but the bottom, wahoo and tuna fishing is perhaps second to none. The grouper fishing has been quite steady this year.

Rosa Blanca Bank has been on and off a little the last week with one boat reporting 3, 5 and 0 raises in 3 consecutive days of fishing and releasing 4 striped marlin in that time frame.

The Big Fish tried its luck April 11, 2013– near Floreana Island searching for blue marlin. The crew doing test and report day caught several big eye tuna around 65lbs. Later in the day they raised a blue estimated around 600 lb which they released 35 minutes later on a 50lb. A second fish reported to be much bigger perhaps around 800 lb by the crew’s estimates came in the spread slammed the left teaser and disappeared in seconds.

April 13, 2013– fishing 0-30 Bank after word from a boat from the island of Santa Cruz that they had released a black around 500 lb and lost a second fish near a mark called The Bull’s Eye the previous day we decided to try our luck on the Big Fish. Most of the day went uneventful until 3:42 pm when a nice blue marlin came on a daisy chain to take a look for a few seconds, swirl and hit the teaser several times before fading off into the deep.

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