Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Mar 17, 2013Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

March 16, 2013– onboard the Big Fish with captain Fernando Yepez Micah Elders fished with family on 0-30 Bank. The seas were calm and the water temp was 78 F. Sunny skies and a beautiful day. They saw plenty of birds and dolphins. The birds seemed to be working with the tunas. 3 striped marlin were raised with 2 bites. One stripey spit the hook after a few minutes of play.

March 17, 2013– Alejandro Escobar 14 years old, Braden Escobar and Peter Santini headed to fish the drop offs of 0-30 Bank and the area 2 miles South of the Bank called the Bull’s Eye. Searching for blues and blacks they were met by nice seas, 76.2 F water and sunny skies. Targeting larger marlin they fished a combination of large ballyhoos with circle hooks and two Iland lures (aka hair lures). After a late morning start due to necessary lower unit oil changes they arrived on the bank near 9:30 am. At 12:09 a beautiful black marlin materialized on red and white Iland lure.

The fish estimated over 500 lb fought hard and deep for almost 50 minutes before Alejandro Escobar (14 years old and slim) got his release. It was a brutal brawl for the young boy who has never caught a marlin before and incredible feat for a young and new angler. How many would like to start off with a 500 lb plus black as their first marlin? We spotted a very large marlin in the same area feeding on the surface which looked very much like a back. Trolling past it we did not raise it but the excitement was still flowing. This will sure be a day for Alejandro to remember for the rest of his life and a jumpstart for and for a new angler.

Folks I cannot stress enough that you have to stop what you are doing and start booking with us your next marlin trip. So far this year we have raised and caught marlin with most of our groups and this is considering our fishing is slower than usual. Imagine if you hit it just right which can happen anytime!

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