Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Jul 13, 2012Fishing Reports

Fellow Anglers:
My apologies for not keeping up with more frequent reports. Part of having a family run business is not always having enough time on my hands. As many of you now the summer months in Ecuador and Peru are when most of our hunting begins and that has kept our hands busy. With lots of deer, doves and ducks line sup this summer I have not been able to keep up with all the fishing action as I would like.

The fishing in Manta and Salinas has been outstanding some weeks and slower others. Nevertheless the fishing has on avergae been quite good if you are chasing marlin. Galapagos has also brought some good news the last few weeks. Sardines as well as the striped marlin that feed on them have been showing up in good numbers. We are again having double digit raises on some days. Keep in mind that this is the rough season until about November and we fish 1/3 of the time than we do Nov to May each year. Waters off the coast of Ecuador have remained a little warmer than usual. We believe that as the water cools down a bit more the fishing may pick up even more.

August promises to be a busy month full of reports as we have several charters lined up for Manta and Galapagos. Manta has reported for the last 6 weeks raising 2 to 5 blues and a few stripes on most days. Salinas saw some spectacular fishing late June with a few nice blues in excess of 600 lbs released. Most fish in Manta have averaged 200 to 500 for blues lately.

We are excited to see the fishing picking up again after 16 months of torture from La Nina which brought the slowest fishing we have ever seen in Galapagos. Most weather forescats are predicting El Nino this year. El Nino has usually brought exceptional fishing and we look forward to some fantastic fishing in 2013.

Folks if you are looking to take part in the marlin fishing of a lifetime then wait no further and book today.

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