Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Jun 13, 2012Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

Mr. Robert Liang and his family visited the Galapagos for a cruise and later went fishing for marlin. Along came his family with his wife Pinky, his oldest son Ben, and his otherson and daughter. They fihsed aboard the Patricia.

June 12, 2012– The Patricia headed for Rosa Blanca. The ocean was a deep blue color. Winds were strong and seas were 5 to 8 foot making the ride out bumpy. The day was overcast. There was plenty of bait seen on the monitor upon arriving in Rosa Blanca. However the bite was over the Honey Hole. The first fish in the spread was very swift side bite to thr right short from a blue malrin estimated around 300#. The bite happend so quick that the line never popped out of a short rigger clipped and we were left with just a head.

The second fish was a nice striped marlin around 200# that was here to stay. Robert faught a stand up fight on a 30# rod to land 37 minutes later a beautiful stripey. After fishing Mexico, and many other places in the World for the past 30 years Robert Liang finally had his first marlin release! Two more quick stripeys would come into the spread and we lost one shortly after the fight began with a spit circle hook.

June 13, 2012– Again onboard the Patricia we headed out for Rosa Blanca. Seas were a bit calmer and the water color was beautiful. Lots of bait on Rosa Blanca and the Honey hole but the only 2 bites of the afternoon would come on the South side of Rosa Blanca. A double bite from tailers seen. One fish took a serious of leaps befoe spitting the circle hook.

After two days of fishing in the Galapagos Mr. Liang asked me to put together two weeks of fishing for 2013 during the calm season. We are excited to have the opportunity to fish with such nice people again.



Manta’s incredible marlin bite has started! We will have more exact reports in the weeks to come. Boats are already reporting 3 to 6 raises of blue marlin average.

Folks the fishing is steadily getting better so don’t miss out on your opportunity to fish some of the best waters in the World.

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