Galapagos Marlin Fishing Report

Apr 15, 2012Fishing Reports

Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal

The weather was almost perfect for the last week in San Cristobal with sunny days and calm waters.

April 11, 2012– we stared the day with guest and regular Gerd Ellerbrook. Onboard the Big Fish we did a day of bottom fishing, trolling for wahoo and some snorkeling. It was a fun day catching 3 wahoo, many groupers and bottom fish as well as barracuda and many more species.

April 12, 2012– Gerd on-board the Big Fish set out for Rosa Blanca. On the way out we encountered a dead whale floating about 8 miles from port. Gerd decided to fish for dorado and had fun catching enough to eat and releasing the rest. Over 40 dorado were caught using light tackle and Gerd had a blast. After we had enough with dorado we tried raising a blue marlin without luck around the whale.

April 13, 2012– Richard and Dan Chemelli joined Gerd for a day of fishing on-board the Big Fish. We ran to Rosa Blanca Bank. In the morning we raised 3 stripes, had 2 bites and lost two fish on the run. One fish spit the circle hook and the other cut the leader with the bill. In the afternoon we have action from 3 blue marlin all between 400 and 500lb.

One broke the line on a jump, anotehr would not eat a pitch bait and a third spit the hook. A frustrating but fun day of fishing. The water went from 81 F in the AM to 85 F in the PM. Perfect flat calm day and sunny and we caught a few tunas around 50# for dinner.

April 14, 2012– giving the action from blue on the previous day we returned to Rosa Blanca. We caught a few tunas and water held between 80 and 82 F all day. Only 1 stripey was raised that did not eat.

April 15, 2012– Gerd’s last day along with Richard and Dan. We headed on-board the Big Fish to 88 Bank. The marlin were feeding on the surface but would not eat or attack teasers. They would slash in pods and you could see the bait jumping out of the water with marlin chasing it. We raised 6 stripeys had 5 bites and released 1. Gerd caught a beautiful stripey around 150#.

Folks we still have some openings in the summer and fall if you want to take advantage of this amazing fishery. San Cristobal is one of the safest places in the Pacific to come with your family and enjoy nature.

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