Galapagos Islands Marlin Report From Santa Cruz Island

Nov 15, 2022Fishing Reports

The last 3 days of Hans Kasperzetz and Rickey Smith produced more striped marlin action and there was even a blue marlin found. Next up was Clint O’Brien’s group.  Ecuagringo had the pleasure of fishing with Clint O’Brien,  Tyler O’Brien, John Dewitt and Jason Presby for 3 days out of 0-30 Bank.  The target species was striped marlin and they did not disappoint.

These last few trips were a chance to use for the first time the Alutecnos Albacore Veloce 20 reels and they were and instant hit.  They have one of the smoothest drags on the market and the speed levers allowed anglers to reel quickly as the boat chased down fish.  Ecuagringo is proud to announce that our operation will have Alutecnos tackle for all our boat by 2024 but you can expect our main boat Patricia 38ft with Captain Yuri Gutierrez to be ready with Alutecnos reels 20#, 80# and 130# for all the giant billfish that swim the Galapagos.  If you have never tried Alutecnos you are missing out.  When you book with the first and leading outfitter in the Galapagos expect the very best tackle.  Our local competitors don’t even come close!

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Nov 8, 2022– 38 ft Patricia continued fishing with Hans Kasperzetz and Rickey Smith headed to 0-30 Bank. Water was 73 F and day was partly cloudy but sun eventually came out and seas were beautiful.  There were 7 raises 2 bites and 1 release of striped marlin plus a few yellowfin tuna about 8 to 10 pounds and a couple of mahi mahi.  There was lots of bait on the bank but the fish seemed to stay down deep.

Nov 9, 2022– Onboard Patricia hans and Rickey decided to try a day of wahoo fishing on Hancock Bank.  The reef was full of life with birds and bait but no wahoo.  So after about 2 hours they headed to Floreana to try for a blue marlin with water almost 74 F.  It took 15 minutes upon arriving near Floreana to raise a blue about 600# that came out on left short and then went for right long but just knocked down the lure with no hookup on a half assed bite!

marlin fishing santa cruz galapagos islands 20221115 02

Nov 10, 2022– Hans and Rickey again fished 0-30 Bank onboard Patricia. It was a perfect and calm day of fishing on 0-30 Bank.  However, bait and fish stayed down.  1 striped marlin was raised and 1 fish was released to bat 100%.

Nov 12, 2022– 38 ft Patricia captain by Yuri Gutierrez headed out with the O’Brien group to 0-30 Bank on a beautiful sunny 68 F perfect day for striped marlin fishing. Water was dark blue with 73/74 F.  It was a frustrating day as striped marlin were big but very finicky and no aggression on the bites.  Mostly half assed frontal bites caused 8 fish lost and 1 finally released out of 9 bites and 12 raises. It was just one of those days but frustrations aside everyone seemed to have a good time.

Nov 13, 2022– Once again the crew of the Patricia took the O’Brien group to 0-30 Bank and conditions were calm, 73/74 F water and sunny.  8 striped marlin raised with 4 bites and 3 releases.

marlin fishing santa cruz galapagos islands 20221115 03

Nov 14, 2022– Final day of fishing for O’Brien group and they decided they wanted to tease fish and pitch lures with spinning rods.  A fun way to catch striped marlin.  Fishing started off a bit slow in the morning with 3 fish raised by mid day but seas got choppier, windy and rougher and fish would not tease to the boat so the crew switched back to 30# trolling gear and not long after the action picked up with finicky fish.  The day ended with 13 fish in the spread raised but only 3 bites and 1 release as 2 of the fish spit the hook into the fight.  One stripey gave a show from start to finish and never stopped jumping.  The day ended as lines were coming out of the water and a striped marlin about 200# followed the long right in but did not bite.  It played with the boat for a while but would not attack anything.

ecuagringo rods santa cruz galapagos islands 20221115 01

If you want to have a trip of a lifetime in an incredible and wild place the Galapagos are for you.  We still have some last minute dates available to fish November or December 2022 for Santa Cruz or San Cristobal islands. 

Last minute available dates for November and December 2022.  Call us or write today!  Come and fish for the incredible and big striped marlin we have in the Galapagos Islands.

Nov 26 to 30 Open for either Santa Cruz or San Cristobal islands

December 1 to 4 for either island
December 9 to 13 for either island
December 17 to 23 for Santa Cruz Island

Don’t wait! Don’t accept imitators or ride along agents.  Fish with the people who started the fishery, the owners of the circus and not the clowns!

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