Galapagos Islands Marlin Report

Dec 27, 2010Fishing Reports

December has been a transitional month with weather getting much hotter. Winds have died down significantly but the fishing has remained strong. Back on mainland Ecuador the rains have started which will help carry nutrients 600 miles to the Archipelago. With a good rainy season there are usually plenty of baitfish to follow and thus creating and even greater migration of marlin to the islands.

December 22, 2010– Seth Graham and his son Barny went for a full day of striped marlin fishing on the Big Fish. Captain Fernando Yepez treated the father and son duo to some spectacular striped marlin fishing on Rosa Blanca Bank. Water color was blue/green but quite clear. There was bait spread out through the bank and fish were seen feeding on the surface. The stripeys were of nice size averaging 180 to 200#. They managed to raise 18, tease 10 to bite and release 5 on circle hooks. Junior angler Barny Graham caught and released 2 stripeys on his own at age 12.

December 23, 2010– Again the Graham father and son duo returned to fish for stripeys with a slightly windier sea today. Arriving on Rosa Blanca the fish were a bit finickier but made their presence felt with 13 raises, 6 bites and 3 releases. A perfect way to end a father and son vacation to Galapagos!

December 27, 2010– Captain Yepez headed to the area of Punta Pitt on a request by a personal friend of mine and Ecuadorian angler Arturo Benitez. They jigged for groupers, pargo and parrot fish. After about 2 hours of jigging several reefs and the water columns they caught several nice fish for dinner and decided to check out birds diving about 2 miles further offshore. When they arrived they saw dolphins and tuna feeding. Looking good for a possible marlin they dropped some lures and trolled about 8 knots hopping to hook a nice tuna or blue. After about 40 minutes of trolling a no bites a nice blue about 500# hit the right long. It took about 40 minutes to subdue the blue on the stand up 50. Arturo is 82 and after a nice fight with the blue it was time to call it a day and go in.

Folks the fishing has averaged double digit raises for stripeys on every month of the year just about. You owe to yourself to treat yourself to the best marlin in the World. We are booked to capacity with few exceptions all the way to late April 2011. If you want to fish with the most professional crews, best tackle and the only company in Galapagos to use circle hooks, bait and switch and fly fishing as our tactics then you need to book now. Ecuagringo is the most trusted fishing and hunting outfitter for all your outdoor needs in Ecuador.

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